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L'Ébène verte 


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Des idées d’escapades proches de l’hôtel
ou à quelques encablures

Visits  culture and strolls just 15 minutes from the hotel

Cayenne's main market, rich in colors and flavors, is worth a visit on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  

The Franconie Museum and that of Guyanese Cultures respectively present collections of objects in the fields of natural history, archeology, local history ; temporary exhibitions, sculptures, paintings, crafts from the ethnic groups who built Guyana. The latter is located in a pretty Creole house completely renovated in the center of Cayenne.


The Place des Amandiers backing onto the seafront is frequented by lovers of the great outdoors and relaxation ; the recently restored kiosk hosts occasional musical entertainment during the holidays. This place is also the meeting place for all those who wish to experience a live rocket launch. on the giant screens installed by the Guiana Space Center, at each rocket launch .

Hikes and walks in the forest



HAS 10 minutes from the hotel towards the airport, the Mont Grand Matoury Nature Reserve (234m) preserves 2,123 hectares of primary forest at the gates of the towns of Cayenne and Matoury.

The two loop trails (2 and 2.5 km) allow the discovery of a mosaic of natural environments rich in birds characteristic of the coast but also of the interior forest massif, tree frogs... and beautiful specimens of trees including the smallest bamboo in the world.

Travel time of the two trails (3.9 km grand tour) :

3 hours. Guided tour every second Sunday of the month, inquire at the Tourist Office of Matoury.


In the town of Rémire-Montjoly, 30 minutes from the hotel, the Rorota trail is accessible by the beach road. Well frequented by walkers and sports enthusiasts, this path is a loop punctuated by points of view remarkable on the bay of Montravel and its beaches, the islets of Rémire in the distance.
With a little luck, it is possible to see the squirrel monkeys, as well as discreet little squirrels or the sleeping sloth at the top of its favorite tree, the cannon wood.

As this trail is subject to administrative closure, inquire about its accessibility at the Montjoly Tourist Information Point.

Discover biodiversity, observe wildlife (1 hour  of the hotel)


The Botanical Garden of Guyana is accessible by the RN1 after Macouria, in the direction of Kourou. It presents you on 3 hectares a beautiful collection of more than 250 orchids, but also 4,500 surprising plants (heliconias, carnivorous plants, etc.) to discover along a linear route independently or in the company of a guide (by reservation). Do not miss the visit to the House of Vanilla and endemic Amazonian varieties.


A few kilometers from the botanical garden, the Guyana Zoo is an opportunity to get to know the fauna often found in the forest, not often seen, sometimes just heard. A practicable marked trail whatever the weather guide your steps and those of your children in the zoo for a visit of about two hours to discover parrots, felines, tapirs, the giant anteater ... a fun walk on footbridges suspended in the trees allows an approach different from the forest. Open 7 days out of 7.


Kaw-Roura RN 

Accessible by a ridge road crisscrossing the Kaw mountains for nearly 60 km east of Matoury where our hotel is located, the marshes of Kaw can be visited during the day or during a night excursion . They allow a beautiful immersion in a unique environment in Guyana and very extensive (2nd largest wetland in France), sanctuary for countless birds living on the water and several species of reptiles, including beautiful specimens of fully protected black caimans.

Their observation is possible at nightfall in the company of passionate guides, aboard motorized canoes.

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The hotel is just a 5 minute drive from the  MatouryGolf Practice. On the other hand, you can discover two typical environments of the Amazon on 18-hole courses. the  Anse Golf near the Guiana Space Center in Kourou offers the difficulties of the nearby forest, while  Golf of3  Hills presents a beautiful environment of savannas and many water points. Both are located approximately 45 minutes from our hotel.
Patrick, the host of Ebène Verte, has been playing golf for many years. He will be able to advise you.

Space in the Amazon, a meeting with high technology  in Kourou

Salle jupiter HD.jpg

It is possible to visit the Guiana Space Center from Monday to Saturday morning, during half-day guided tours. Immerse yourself in the very heart of this fantastic European space adventure by discovering a large part of the base installations, the launch sites for rockets, Ariane 5, Soyuz and Vega . 

The Space Museum presents a general overview of space activity, collections of objects and models, fun activities and temporary exhibitions for young people. 

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